Richard Vilabrera Jr - NOMA
Project Architect

Not be confused with Rich, the boss, Little Richard is a recent B. Arch grad from Philadelphia University (PhilaU). Joining Stokes in the summer of 2015 after building a model for us in Fall 2014 he has become the office’s Chief of IT. Being so diverse in the vast amount of knowledge in technology, Richard has helped us fix computers, find lost phones, and update our website (the one you’re on). Richard has also helped with schematic design, design development and detailing for projects such as Honeygrow Headquarters, 9th Street Social and City Fitness.

When he’s not busy engaging in the scrum on the rugby pitch or going partially deaf DJing some ridiculous party, you can find him roaming the valley of cloud pillows, quietly, counting all of sheep that jump over them in his slumber. He also makes a banging mac and cheese, if you’re into that sort of thing—and let’s be honest, who isn’t?