Pinsetter Bar & Bowl

client: Mark Platzer
Pennsauken, NJ
spring 2014

For Pinsetter Bar and Bowl, the client wished to renovate his bowling alley with a few stipulations. The doo-wop style from the previous renovation was to be swapped for a more modern but rustic feel, and the bar and restaurant was to be acoustically insulated from the obvious noise of the bowling alley.

Stokes’ strategy was to add a few simple built elements to reinforce some spatial ideas. A lower wood slat ceiling over the entrance created a more welcoming and deliberate entry way and walk-up to the check-in desk, and new walls were built with custom double hung windows to enclose the bar while keeping it visually open. The interior was then completely refinished with cork, reclaimed wood, painted plaster, and a few custom designed elements like booths and a bar soffit.