Michael Rutter
Project Architect

Raised in colorful Camden County, Michael left his hometown to study architecture at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, GA. Following receipt of the degree of Master of Architecture (M.ARCH) in 2010, Michael headed to New York City where he worked on commercial interior fit-outs, historic preservation, and residential projects. He moved to Philadelphia and joined the Stokes team in 2016 and is developing plans for PJ Whelihan's, among other well established restaurants.

When he isn't creating a construction set, he can be performing other duties in the office. After a heated campaign, running unopposed, Michael was elected to the office of Director of Popular Entertainment (DOPE) and tasked with painstakingly reading the internet to keep the office informed on important current events. For instance, Michael was first to break the biggest news story of 2017: Beyoncé is having twins!

Michael is allergic to cats.