Margate Dairy Bar

Margate City, NJ
Summer 2015

The Margate Dairy Bar, in Margate, New Jersey, has been a staple of that shore town for 60 years. When the owner decided to expand the ice cream stand into the adjacent space, Stokes Architecture was asked to design the addition, which would accommodate the expanded fast food menu.

The client wanted this new “burger bar” addition to remain faithful to the Margate Dairy Bar’s “googie/doowop” brand, maintaining a 1950’s nostalgia while appearing modern and state-of-the-art. Stokes Architecture’s solution was a simple canted glass box that intersects the existing dairy bar. In accordance with the googie style, the canted steel beam structure of the box is expressed outwardly, with a simple, bent roof reinforcing its sleek geometry. The interior is simple, expressing the shape of the space, and using standard googie materials like tongue-and-groove wood, painted brick, and terrazzo flooring.