Jeffrey Dellaquila
Project Architect

Jeffrey joined Stokes in early 2017. A jack-of-all-trades, Jeff spend several years after college flexing his muscles and his mind working as a design-builder and consultant. Having graduating from Philadelphia University with a Bachelors of Architecture, he thought it important to gain experience in the field swinging a hammer and getting dirty before jumping into the office environment. He has worked with sculptors, contractors, industrial designers, custom fabricators and event coordinators. He has a variety of architectural experience as well, including high-rise multi-family, institutional, energy-efficient design, and adaptive reuse. Understanding the various phases of architecture, from concept to construction, Jeff always has a thoughtful way to move a project forward.

Jeffrey is involved in both the local and international community as he volunteers at Emerald Street Urban Farm, is a member of the Philadelphia Homebrew Club and periodically works with Conscious Impact to help re-establish communities in rural Nepal after the 2015 earthquake.

When not architecting, you can find Jeff gardening, brewing some tasty beer, or just wondering around in the woods.