Honeygrow Headquarters

client: Honeygrow
Philadelphia, PA
Fall 2016

Honeygrow, the Philly-based fast casual food concept, wanted a headquarters and catering kitchen for their fast-growing company, and came to Stokes for the design. Located in a formerly abandoned, non-descript warehouse in Fishtown, the space is a mix of industrial and modern elements, playing up the factory setting. The existing factory sash windows were refurbished, and reused as glass partitions for the new executive offices. Skylights were added, with polycarbonate light funnels piping natural light into these offices, while simultaneously diffusing it into the open air desk area. The layout, a mix of traditional and modern office design, incorporates many elements of interest into work areas to create a friendlier and more open work environment. The open desk corral (with desks built by Delaware’s Challenge Program) is dotted with planters and a garden. The added mezzanine houses a quiet library, and lounge and leisure areas are strategically placed throughout the warehouse to allow for socializing.


Check out the construction sequence below. Video by Samuel Markey Photography